iLangL Cloud 2019 August

As you probably heard, Memsource is phasing out their current API solution and, hence new version is integrated via new API.

The old version of the plugin remains active as well. It will be supported up until August, 2020 according to Memsource announcement.

All existing channels can easily reuse the updated Memsource Rest API. With our solution you don’t have to worry and waste development time on such a migration. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Take advantage of a new version that contains both performance and functional updates:

Performance boost

With new API in place, your export and import requests will be processed significantly faster making your localization even more time-efficient.

Seamless migration

Migration to a new plugin couldn't get any simpler. We've made sure you won't lose even the slightest piece of your activity! All configuration settings will be automatically transferred to your new plugin once you log in to its settings. So will your ongoing projects and transactions after the first configuration. Apart from that, new version is also backward compatible.

Project Report

Keeping track of your localization progress has become even easier now! Easy to use, project report allows you to check out the status of project jobs by target language. The report also contains active links to your Memsource editor in case you need to check or edit something real quick.

Auto-basket for Automated Export

Cherry on top - our automated export got even more automated! The feature is available for new plugin only. Now you don’t need to create a basket for the automatically exported content. Just set up a rule indicating when you want a new basket to be opened and our system will automatically create it. New basket can be created for the following steps:

  • Creation of a new project whenever you change a project name of current basket and remove predefined keyword
  • Analytics calculation
  • Quote creation

We hope you'll enjoy using the new plugin! Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions.