iLangL Cloud Autumn 2017

New Plugin Developed! Addition of One More CAT Tool Integrated with Our Connectors! “Hello” MEMOQ!!!

We proudly present our latest release, the memoQ Plugin. It is an extension added to our existing platform that will offer integration of all our CMS connectors with memoQ, offering grand features that will facilitate management of all translation projects. The plugin is available for use immediately since its release and can be used to adjust all language mapping, templates, and workflow steps for an uninterrupted, seamless integration of memoQ Server. The info graph above depicts exactly what integration will look like from high perspective. Read More

Configuration of Memsource Workflow Steps

We have also improved our workflow steps options for Memsource plugin. Previously whenever you or your customer wanted to import content back, it was important to select the right workflow steps using which the translated content was to be delivered. In some cases, this was getting a bit confusing for customers as they were not sure how to select the right workflow steps. To counter this issue, we have made it possible, with immediate effect, enabling of only those workflow step(s) that are required to contain and import ready content to be delivered to the website, while disabling all other workflow steps. This will make it easier for clients to understand which steps they want or should choose while disabling all others that are not essential. This will now reduce the potential risk of importing content using the wrong workflow steps.

ILangL Facts!

Did You Know that iLangL’s platform tracks all content versions that run through the connector. This feature is very beneficial to help in cases where contents were changed after export and your customer claims that your delivered content is not synced with translation.

Updates for Connectors!

We are prepared and ready to offer the updated demo environments for the next CMS:

  • The EpiServer 10 Demo Environment
  • The Umbraco 7.4.2 Demo Environment

Sitecore 9 has also been released on October 23rd and we have already working on building its integration.

For Selected Content Types, Now Export Content In One Job!

Our new feature made content translation management even more practical through allowing merging of the small content items into one file! This feature reduce amount of management efforts especially for a large amount of small content, such as menu items, taxonomies, strings, metadata, etc. All you need to do is specify the custom filename per content type at the channel configuration and in the next import all items of that type will be exported as one task, in one document. Read More

Improved Policy To Handle New Content Structure

Sometimes owed to different situations, the structure of a website is changed in between the process of localization and iLangL Cloud is able to detect such changes. In such a case, new tags will appear and in order to properly process the exported content, there are some rules that are required to be followed. Until this point, during the process of content export, all new contents were included into the translation scope however sometimes this needs to be configured before export. This is exceptionally true for sites that contain sensitive content, where some content might even be protected from translation. Our new, improved policy allows us to optionally specify at channel configuration, whether we want to include all new content elements to the translation scope or protect new elements from it until the manager reviews and approves the processing rules. Read More

Customization Of ‘All In One’ Filename For Export Mode

We have been receiving a few complaints from our customers regarding the “All Content In One Job” option. This filename previously have always been the same and was a major reason for confusion both for managers and linguists, especially when working across multiple exports. From now on, it will be possible to manually specify a unique filename during the export step. Read More

Content Provider update

We have released a new version of iLangL Cloud and accordingly our Content Provider has also been updated. For customers who are using content Provider at local server, we strongly recommend that they update the Content Provider to enjoy access to the new features and to prevent any problems with the compatibility of the version.
The new version of Content Provider is available here.