For Translation Agency

iLangL Cloud

Integrate with any customer's system, bring additional value to the customer and expand your translation business

  • Increased translation volumes
  • Integrated CAT Tools
  • Easy content extraction
  • Centralized management
  • Flexible deployment
  • Vast CMS support
  • Seamless Integration
  • No development costs
  • Low-touch localization
  • Customizable platform and workflow

For translation agencies, whose main task is providing translation solutions to the customers, cost-effective and professional service a prerequisite of successful business. iLangL can serve as an ideal outsource partner offering compatibility with several CMSs including WordPress, EpiServer, Drupal, DNN, etc.

Forget about manual file exchange and other headache that comes with it (miscommunication, management costs, format issues, etc). Automate your workflow with iLangL Cloud to make it less error-prone and more time-efficient.

Streamlined integration and reasonable cost will allow you to stay ahead of competitors. What’s more, no deep tech knowledge of CMS products is required.

The product caters extensive CMS support with flexible deployment and easy integration.

The entire management process is completely centralized. Convenience of a single platform eliminates any development costs since absolutely no development or coding are required. Content extraction is equally easy.

iLangL’s integration solution will help you add the extra value to the translation services. High adaptability of the product will enhance the low-touch localization and improve the customer’s experience.

  • Quick Integration

    iLangL ensures integration with any customer’s CMS within a matter of a few days offering OOTB integration with a majority of popular CMSs.

  • No Development Costs

    Forget about development costs - iLangL’s solution doesn’t require any local development or coding on user’s side.

  • Single Platform

    Being an outstanding features of iLangL Cloud, single platform allows managing all the customer CMSs from a single place. You will be able to access all the content through a centralized interface irrespective of the CMS your customers are using.

  • Easy Ordering

    Content ordering becomes easy with the possibility of content filtering, change tracking, batch ordering, bulk content export or granularity tree view of the advanced content. Content export can also be automated if required.

  • Automated Delivery

    Your customers will appreciate the possibility to publish content automatically. The feature allows direct content publishing once translation is approved and post-edited. It will drastically save time spent on manual publishing.

  • Customization

    LangL Cloud is a highly-flexible solution that can be adapted according to customer’s needs. We’ll be also happy to build a custom connector for any system within a matter of just a few weeks.


  • “In this extremely exciting new era of multilingual communication, a 101 new language technology options are opening up, and a modern multilingual solutions company has to decide whether to develop its own versions – to become an expert in each of these many new fields – or team up with partners with the necessary know-how.TextMinded® is convinced that, no matter how innovative and successful we are, we will never be able to develop all of these options for our clients in our own Innovation Department. Instead, we pursue a strategy of linking up with “best-of-breed” in the various fields of language technology.When it comes to connecting systems and building intelligent workflows, the decision was an easy one: iLangL is in a league of its own, both as regards its standard iLangL Cloud and in the ability to join forces with us to create unique products for TextMinded’s clients.We are proud to team up with iLangL, which is quickly becoming not only a pivotal player in our Strategic Partner Programme, but also a central part of our sales initiatives.“

    ---- Robert Etches, CEO at TextMinded Denmark | LinkedIn
  • “We sourced iLangL when researching connector solutions for bulk website translations & continuous delivery. We found iLangL’s approach to be flexible, customisable and cost effective. We look forward to continuing our partnership”

    ---- Samantha Brazel, Project Manager at Webcertain | LinkedIn
  • “I am very happy to work with iLangL and I appreciate our cooperation very much. What I like the most is that EpiServer connector really works, that the support is always there for me and my customer and that I’ve felt a personal commitment from iLangL team to make this work.”

    ----Carolina Kühnemann, Marketing & Sales Manager at Translator Scandinavia | LinkedIn
  • "We have been working with iLangl for quite some time now, and I have always found their service and Drupal connector to be impeccable. I am particularly impressed by their helpdesk team who are very knowledgeable, efficient and responsive. I would not hesitate to recommend them."

    ---- Jasmin Schneider, Operations Director at The Translation People | LinkedIn

Supported CMS Connectors

  • Umbraco Connector
  • Drupal Connector
  • AEM Connector
  • EpiServer Connector
  • Sirecore Connector
  • Wordpress Connector
  • DNN Connector

Supported Translation Management Systems

  • Multitrans TMS Integration
  • Memsource Integration
  • MemoQ Integration