How much does integration cost?

The total cost consists of license and integration costs. Integration cost depends on translation scope and complexity of the project. Please contact us at support@ilangl.com for more info.

How long does integration takes?

Integration usually takes no longer than a few days but it all depends on complexity of the project.

How much is your custom connector? How long does it take to build it?

Custom connector usually takes us a few weeks. Please contact us at support@ilangl.com for pricing, and we’ll be glad to provide an estimate for you.

Can I work with a translation agency of my choice?

Sure! iLangL Connectors can integrate with almost any system giving you a possibility to choose the translators and agencies that fit your needs. The only requirement for a translation agency is having an active memoQ server, Memsource or Multitrans TMS (CAT Tools we are integrated with) to perform translations in there.

How secure is connector integration?

All the communication in iLangL channels is performed through the encrypted TLS 1.2 connection using AES_128_GCM and DHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism. All Cloud data is protected and absolutely confidential. The access to it is limited to you as an authorized user. Our primary servers are located in Hetzner Data Center, Germany.

Do I need a dedicated development team to start integration?

No, integration with iLangL Cloud does not require any development on your side. iLangL team will take care of all the adjustments and calibration if required.

What is iLangL Cloud?

iLangL Cloud is a cloud-based platform that connects customer and a translation agency and ensures streamlined localization process. Single interface allows for centralized management of all the transactions. iLangL presents a unified interface that allows working with all the CMS systems and doesn’t require technical background.

What if I have a custom CMS?

Please reach out to us at support@ilangl.com and we’ll be glad to discuss all the integration aspects and offer a custom connector that will fit your localization needs.

What TMS do you support?

Currently, we are integrated with memoQ, Memsource and Multitrans TMS.

My license expired. How can I renew it?

In order to renew your license, you need to send a license request. Please log in to iLangL Cloud and find ‘Licensing’ column on the right and click ‘Activate’ under the relevant channel and ‘Request More Licenses’. Please fill in the form and we will get back to you asap with all the payment details. For more info on licensing, please check our dedicated article here.

We need a dedicated customer portal. Can you do that?

Absolutely. If you’d like to present iLangL integration as a part of your services, we’ll be glad to build a dedicated client portal for you. In order to do that, we need: 

  1. Icon logo 
  2. Colors for client portal white labeling 
  3. Domain pointed to our server with IP Something like connectors.company.com
  4. SSL certificate for domain

How can I manage the workflow?

iLangL connectors have a user-friendly interface that allow its users to manage the translations. Being an outstanding features of iLangL Cloud, single platform gives you a possibility to manage all the CMSs from a single place. You will be able to access all the content through a centralized interface irrespective of the CMS you/your customers are using.

Why do I need a connector if I can just export and import content files?

Automated integration eliminates the need for manual file exchange and makes the whole process more streamlined and less error-prone. You will no longer need to waste time on numerous emails and format adjustments.

My company follows a certain workflow when it comes to translations. Will I be able to incorporate that?

You will be able to fully define the workflow settings (e.g. add translation memory files, define project templates, etc) during configuration step.

Can I use your connector for dynamic content that is updated frequently?

Absolutely, connector is designed to handle dynamic web-content of various scopes allowing you to adjust the workflow according to your needs (e.g. automate export/import of content, etc)

I want to see iLangL connector in action and/or show it to my customer. How can I do that?

Please contact us at  support@ilangl.com and we will set up a demo channel for you. It will run on a 30-day trial license giving you a chance to explore iLangL connector and its possibilities from the inside.

I am currently using translation plugin. What’s the difference?

Connector offers higher flexibility and adaptability of workflow aspects compared to the regular translation plugin. It can also be easily adjusted to any scale depending on customer’s volumes.

I cannot find the system I use on your website?

We are continuously adding new CMS connectors to our platform. We are also in process of working with IDE connector which will aid us in being more productive with implementation of our connector facilitating more independent developers design connectors to various systems. For more details in this regard contact us now!

Does your platform support my system? Are they compatible with each other?

High adaptability of our platform allows us to integrate with almost any system. Please contact us at  support@ilangl.com with your CMS details and we’ll be glad to discuss our next steps.

What are connectors? How do they work?

Connectors are a bridge between customer’s website and translation agency that enable direct content exchange and translation. The connectors we offer are basically a set of rules that command our core to integrate with an external data source (e.g. customer or translation agency website in our case). Since we do not depend on CMS technologies, it does not matter whether the content is PHP, Java or .Net based. The connector template connects with the customer’s website by describing its CMS data entities. The template is a DML based set of directives that describe a CMS and require a following mapping and behaviour analysis. This step is important for tailoring a successful export/import routine to customer’s system.

What is the ‘Content Provider’?

Content Provider (CP) is a cloud hosted/based external integration framework that can effectively replace the local routes that exist between the translation agencies and the customers. In other words, it is a secure way to share and access data. Once customer installs iLangL’s CP, our connector will follow CP permissions to access customer’s data which is more secure than direct connection to customer’s database. CP can literally connect everyone with everyone. It ensures cost-effective integration and centralised management. Managing all the multilingual sources in a single place becomes a piece of cake with a unified interface for all the CMSs. For more info on Content Provider, please check our dedicated article here.

What are channels?

Cannel is a bridge that connects consumer and CMS, and makes integration flow highly-adaptable. Among other things, it is responsible for export/import flow, content type settings, content processing rules, plugin settings, etc.

What is plugin?

To put it simply, plugin is an add-on or an extension that is installed on your CMS. It expands the functionality of your system adding new features/functions that are not available by default. In other words, plugin is a way to customize your existing programs. For example, iLangL plugins help to enhance export/import flow, content processing, content type settings and loads of other useful features that localization and project managers can dream of.

What types of content models do you support?

We support all content models including single language websites (e.g. Wordpress), multilingual websites (e.g. EPiServer, WordPress WPML, etc) and multi-portal websites (e.g. SiteCore, DNN, Adobe CQ etc).