For Translation Agency

iLangL Cloud

Integrate with any customer's system, bring additional value to customer, get more translations.

  • More translations
  • Easy content extraction
  • Centralized management
  • Flexible deployment
  • Vast CMS support
  • Easy Integration
  • No development costs
  • Low touch localization
  • Single platform
  • Easily customizable

For translation agencies that are faced with the task of offering translation solutions to customers, cost effective and professional services are a prerequisite. iLangL can serve here as the ideal outsource partner offering translation services compatible with several CMS including WordPress, EpiServer, Drupal, DNN, etc. Our iLangL Cloud is the instant solution that eliminates the need to exchange content via email, thus ensuring lesser errors and time efficiency in the process. No expert technical knowledge is required for the CMS products and the instant integration and low cost allows Translation Agencies to stay ahead of competitors.

iLangL offers more translation services, offering additional value through integrating with the system of the customer. Extraction of content is equally easy and the management process is completely centralized. The product caters extensive CMS support with flexible deployment and easy and instant integration. Using a single platform, no development cost is incurred as absolutely no development or coding is required. In addition the easily customizable nature of the product enhances the low touch localization process.

  • Quick Integration

    iLangL ensures setting up of integration with any customer’s CMS within a matter of few days, offering OOTB integration with a majority of popular CMSs.

  • No Development Costs

    The cost of integration is non existent since customers do not require any development or coding services for the integration.

  • Single Platform

    Major quality of iLangL Cloud is its single platform feature which allows to manage all the CMSs of customers from a single place. The product allows access to all customers’ content through use of a single interface, irrespective of whatever CMS is being used for the content.

  • Easy Ordering

    Ordering of content is made easy through offering services of filtering content, change detection, batch ordering and massive export of content or advanced tree view of content for granularity.

  • Advanced Delivery

    Customers can also save time on manual publishing through advanced delivery feature which allows direct publishing option of the content once it is approved and post edited.

  • Customization

    iLangL CLoud is a flexible product that has the ability to almost instantly build a connector for any system within a matter of few days from scratch to perfect customized solution.

Supported CMS Connectors

  • Umbraco Connector
  • Drupal Connector
  • AEM Connector
  • EpiServer Connector
  • Sirecore Connector
  • Wordpress Connector
  • DNN Connector

Supported Translations Management Systems

  • Multitrans TMS Integration
  • Memsource Integration
  • MemoQ Integration