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iLangL Translation Preview for Memsource



Going through cycles of sending the translated content from a Translation Agency to a company, getting revision notes back, and editing seems to take ages. Is there any easy way to get the translated content that corresponds to the client requirements with less effort? 

The answer is 'Yes!' It’s really easy with iLangL Translation Preview for Memsource.

What Is iLangL Translation Preview?

iLangL Translation Preview  is a new feature that allows to preview the translated content on the website on the fly right from the translation tool without actual translation delivery. This means that you can see the translated content with the page layout before it is actually published on the website. 

With this feature, any participant of localization workflow can:

  • preview translation at any step
  • analyze changes
  • leave the notes 
  • and provide a final check before localization website delivery.

Watch our video below to better understand this feature! 

What Are the Benefits of Translation Preview for Memsource? 

Enable iLangL Translation Preview to get the following benefits:

  • Increase the speed of work. Exporting content takes much time. By using Translation Preview, you can reduce the time spent on sending the content to the client after each revision.  
  • Improve the quality. When you translate the page to another language, some problems with page layout can arise, as the length of the words in each language is different. However, if you preview the translated page with the layout of the website, you know exactly if there are any problems and might have an idea on how to solve them

More Advantages of Content Preview for You

Each participant of the localization workflow can gain their benefits from the iLangL Translation Preview for Memsource.  

 Client Localization manager can track and control localization progress via page translation preview, provide additional context via notes attached to segments located at a web page.

Linguists can be more confident in what they are doing. Ability to preview translation on the fly within page context with images and links, referenced pages and other layout elements can provide a much better localization context.

Project manager can easily track changes and validate the alignment of translation with page to reduce layout issues and make sure that delivered translation already validated against client layout.

How to Use Proxy Translation Preview?

The service is easily enabled and has an intuitive interface. Find more information on how to enable the feature and how to use it on Translation Preview page in our Knowledge Base.


Beta-version is already available! Contact us to try a beta-version now!