memoQ Server Integration

We are the experts in building integration with MemoQ. This is our third plugin for integration with CAT tools and we have utilized our experience for implementing solutions that we are proud of.

All iLangL CMS Connectors can be used for content translation with MemoQ via MemoQ Server. We also implement MemoQ integration extension for iLangL Cloud with every function required for seamless and agile website localization. CMS Connectors are currently available at:

Each CAT tool is a unique solution and there are some unique features in memoQ plugin that highlight the benefits of MemoQ platform. The state of the art integration with memoQ workflow and the high level of configuration allows you to setup any sophisticated localization scenario within memoQ. You can also benefit from memoQ project templates that can automatically configure complete translation workflows for your localization projects. You can specify multiple translation deliveries to the website where proofreaders and validators will review the layout and apply fixes at related workflow step at memoQ. Customer can review layout and apply fixes at the next step of the workflow. This allows to easily fix any issues along with including content changes in translation memories after which it can be implemented. This process makes it ready for production translation on to the website without any issue.

You and your client have the opportunity to gain great statistic overview as well as real time progress via our plugin regarding all ongoing projects that are related with specific website.

We also integrate with MemoQ Web and our plugin allows easy navigation to MemoQ Web editor for managing projects and translating jobs via the web browser.

Here is the example of scenario that shows the advantages of this integration:

  1. Clients can easily identify translation scope with the help of our content tree and can export content for translation (this is a manual step, but can be replaced with automatic export action).
  2. Our plugin exports all selected content and automatically converts content from cms format to format optimal for memoQ and import content to memoQ Server. If the project template is specified in project settings then memoQ server implements predefined settings and prepare imported content for translation. In other words, proper translation memories and termbases, linguists and other advanced settings assigned for jobs and translation process are started at the same time.
  3. Assigned linguists connects to MemoQ Server via memoQ Client or via memoQ Web Editor and translate content.
  4. Translation can be delivered at job level back to the website immediately when the translator commits translated segments and deliver translation. This can be done automatically or manually by pressing a single button.

That’s all. No files. No emails. No copy/paste. Our connectors prepare the website for translation and import content without any manual efforts from the part of the customer and translation agency. Looks great! Isn’t it!

More information about this feature you can find here.

Supported CMS Connectors

  • Umbraco Connector
  • Drupal Connector
  • AEM Connector
  • EpiServer Connector
  • Sirecore Connector
  • Wordpress Connector
  • DNN Connector

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