iLangL Cloud

iLangL Cloud Connectors

iLangL Cloud is a single integration cloud based platform that offers a centralized content data sources management along with unified User Experience and information access features.

Each connector we build offers a user interface page for interaction purpose. This page can be efficiently be integrated into the customer website similar to a native page through iFrame.

iLangL Cloud CMS connectors never overrule the target version of the content; rather a new revised version is created. Content versions can always be compared and can also be rolled back after delivery of translation.

Translation delivery is our concern and we mean it when we say that you do not have to worry about a target content being existent or not. In the process where the translation returns to your system, our connector will deal with this issue automatically.

Customers can also opt for the

  • import mode
  • import and publish mode

The Import Mode – is a helpful feature in case you desire to review the translated content before publishing it finally. Any content delivered in this made has no effect at all on the existing already published content.

The Import and Publish Mode – customers that are satisfied with the translated content delivered and consider it as being fine for use can opt for this mode where the translated content will be published automatically.

A single account will allow customers to maintain and configure, an unlimited number of websites through it.

To register account and start integration click here.


Content Provider

The Content Provider manages access to iLangL central cloud repository. It acts as an interface between the user environment and the iLangl Cloud. Content Provider makes connection to content datasource to simple and quick process.

Content Provider is a windows only software and it can be is hosted like a windows service on your Personal Computer (PC). If you want to use it with a single content datasource you can install it on a single PC. If you want to use it with many data sources it is better to install it on a dedicated server.


Supported Translations Management Systems

  • Multitrans TMS Integration
  • Memsource Integration
  • MemoQ Integration

CMS Connector Examples