Sitecore Connector

Sitecore Connector Introduction

Sitecore is an enterprise class system which supports multilingual content versions and is designed in a way, which in some cases requires technical knowledge in order to operate content translation. iLangL Cloud is designed in a way to simplify ordering and translated content creation process. You see exactly what you order. When translated content is imported back, iLangL Cloud will take care of preparing target content automatically. 

We've implemented connector with continuous localization in mind and it supports an incremental translation. If you need to refresh just a specific piece of a content, as soon as it arrives after translation, it'll be delivered to a new version and this will not override initial settings.

Advanced settings will allow you to define which fields you want to include into translation. You are able to create several connectors for a same portal, but with different configuration settings. For example, one connector might be used for SEO optimization goals and its settings will define that only fields used for SEO are going to be exported for translation. Another connector will export all other fields for translation.

iLangl Cloud Sitecore connector supports multiple portals. For each portal you will have a separate connector. This improves translation focus and allows different teams to work efficiently with different portals.

And the last, but not the least is an easy "Sitecore - iLangL Cloud" integration. You don't need to install any Sitecore plugins. Connection to Sitecore is performed from iLangL Cloud Server and requires only API user's account information.

Sitecore Connector Features

  • CAT Tools Integration

    The effective CAT tool integration allows our customers to remarkably enhance the translation performance. It also helps them in boosting consistency and fulfils every other expectation that a customer has related to CAT tool integration services.

  • Wide Translation Agency Choice

    Since iLangL Cloud can practically integrate anything, this offers the choice of integrating the website with any Translation Agency. Our customers based on affordable pricing and other beneficial services can opt for or choose from a wide option of Translation Agencies utilizing tremendous flexibility in the process. .

  • Continuous Localization

    We at iLangL understand the dynamic nature of globalization and the active nature of the constantly enhancing processes that facilitate globalization as a market player. The only way to keep up with the ever increasing demands is to stay updated with advanced technologies. We are focused at offering regularly updated services that allows our customers to achieve the just right benefits at the exact right time.

  • Easy Ordering

    Ordering of content is made easy through offering services of filtering content, change detection, batch ordering and massive export of content or advanced tree view of content for granularity.

  • Easy Content Management

    Our services allow customers to order easily, may it be related to filtering of content, batch ordering, detecting of changes, massive export of content or granularity tree view of advanced content. Once you are done with the content proofreading and translation of it is approved, the option of directly publishing the content is available saving precious time on publishing the content manually. This is however an option that can be used if needed and ignored if not required.

  • Customization

    'iLangL Cloud' is a flexible product capable of instantly building a connector for any system, practically out of scratch, even if it s a customized connector.

  • Quick Integration

    iLangL ensures setting up of integration with any customer’s CMS within a matter of few days, offering OOTB integration with a majority of popular CMSs.

  • No Development Costs

    The cost of integration is non existent since customers do not require any development or coding services for the integration.

  • Single Platform

    The single platform feature is another mentionable quality of the ‘iLangL Cloud’ as it offers the provision to manage all data sources of content from a single place. This is an exceptionally important feature for enterprises which deal with multiple content data sources. The one simple user interface allows access to all the content irrespective of whether or not the CMS is being used.

Sitecore Connector Benefits

  • Faster time to market

    Ability to deploy sites globally within a matter of days utilizing completely automated flow of localization.

  • Greater productivity

    Automation of all integration processes not only enhance productivity but also manages extra management costs.

  • Reduce license costs

    Since all content can be translated via CAT tool, the cost of any foreign author license can be saved.

  • Improved quality

    Enhance the quality of localization processes while eliminating manual efforts.

  • No development costs

    Absence of any technological skills for the use of iLangL Cloud save extra developmental cost from incurring and instantly localization integration can be started and maintained.

  • Freedom to choose

    The freedom of choosing the best translation services is available which can be integrated on personal system, or on your customers.

Supported Translations Management Systems

  • Multitrans TMS Integration
  • Memsource Integration
  • MemoQ Integration

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