iLangL Cloud 2019

Headless CMS Connector: Contentful

In 2019 we are going to significantly extend the number of CMSs we support. We plan to develop at least 10 new connectors with main focus on headless CMSs and eCommerce platforms.

Guess what? Our first connector for headless CMS is already up and running. We decided to start with Contentful! You can find more information about Contenful connector here

At the end of January we're planing to release one more headless CMS connector. Follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook and be the first to find out!

iLangL Website Localization Tool

In 2018 we invested most of our efforts into our own localization platform aiming to extend our range of services and solve the challenges that other translation tools fail to. 

Here is a list of  the unique features that we can now offer:

  • Flexible workflow - project managers can adjust project workflow to meet their specific needs and automate the entire process
  • Content editing - before running translation, you can now order proofreading of master content in order to improve quality of the source and target languages accordingly 
  • Website content alignment - we can help you generate high quality translation memories from your website
  • Website In-context Editor - thanks to proxy, linguist can now review and edit the translation in context before delivery to improve the quality of final result
  • In-depth validation - we offer a wide range of validation options for any data type. You can now forget about the overhead caused by character limitation! We are the only one who support length validation of content property that contains multiple segments and/or complex format data

Enterprise Service Kit

As we introduce our new Website localization tool, we are also going to extend our services and add web-content alignment to our stack. For more information, please take a look at the video below.

With iLangL Website Localization tool we can deliver much more value for enterprises and significantly improve quality of the localizable content. Our tool supports in-context view and editing.

Website content alignment feature can help generate Translation Memories from old websites and migrate them to new ones.

The first system that already supports all the new services is Sitecore. Very soon we will extend the range of our services for new and already supported CMSs. 

Read 10 reasons why you should use our service here.

Enhanced Integration With memoQ

In 2019 we are going to improve our integration with memoQ Server making it more flexible. Improvements will also affect integration of our solution and memoQ server with customer client portals.

Below you can find the video that shows current localization flow between Sitecore and  memoQ.

License Changes

Up until 2019, we have been offering floating licenses only. To improve the quality of our service, we are adding a new type of license - fixed.
That being said, we will have the following types of license available:
Fixed - non-transferable license that is assigned to a channel in order to activate it. The channel can’t be deactivated until the license expires.
Floating - transferable license that can be reassigned the unlimited amount of times in order to activate one of the channels from your pool.

If you have one channel or use separate license for each of your channels, license changes don’t affect you. However, if you switch active channels frequently, we recommend considering floating license.
The changes don’t affect licenses generated on the contractual basis.

Content Provider Update

We have released a new version of iLangL Cloud and our Content Provider has also been updated accordingly. For customers who are using Content Provider at local server, we strongly recommend updating it to enjoy access to new features and prevent any compatibility issues.

The new version of Content Provider is available here.