iLangL Cloud 2019 February

Headless CMS Connector: Contentstack

Our list of headless connectors has just been expanded with Contentstack! 
Contentstack CMS is the leader of headless CMS market delivering amazing localization experience across the web, mobile, email, loT, chatbots, digital assistants, in-store display, jumbotrons, AR, VR and voice.

Our integration will help both you and your clients benefit from the seamless automated localization. iLangL connector for Contentstack will:
 - avoid/cut the management overhead;
 - increase localization ROI in the long run;
 - maximize team productivity;
 - speed up the turnaround, etc

Alongside with our solution we can also offer an automated layout synchronization across the languages. Thanks to our advanced sync policies all you have to do is apply your changes to the master layout and our solution will help you distribute them among the target languages in the blink of an eye.

You can find more information about Contentstack connector here

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Content Provider Update

We have released a new version of iLangL Cloud and our Content Provider has also been updated accordingly.For customers who are using Content Provider at local server, we strongly recommend updating it to enjoy access to new features and prevent any compatibility issues.
The new version of Content Provider is available here.