iLangL Cloud 2019 July

Contentstack Webhooks and Workflow

Great news for Contentstack users! From now on, we support integration with Contentstack webhook solution.

Easy to set up, it will definitely step up your localization flow. What’s even more appealing, it requires zero development or customization on your side since it’s a native Contentstack feature.

On the contrary to standard automated export, when system is checking for fresh content with certain frequency, webhooks will ensure that iLangL gets instant notification every time new web content is up. Once our system receives a heads-up, it will export your new piece of content ensuring even more efficient and swift turnaround.

What’s more, webhooks will stand you in good stead if you need to run a super-fast pre-translation and add language versions to your website.

Webhooks can be triggered by the change of workflow stage making support of continuous localization and integration with Contentstack workflow even smoother. For instance, you can switch the status of your master content to ‘Ready for translation', and as a result trigger a predefined webhook that will order the translation of it. As soon as translation export is complete (within a few seconds), the workflow stage of master content will be switched to the next one (e.g. ‘Completed’ and ‘Ordered’).

Thanks to the flexibility of configuration you can also use other translation services in the same way. For example, ‘Translation’ workflow stage can be used to order human translation, while ‘Pretranslate’ - to instantly pre-translate content with Machine translation or/and Translation Memories and return it back as the pre-translated language versions. And this is just a part of the supported features!

To learn more about implementation of Contentstack webhooks, please check here. Contact us at if you’d like to integrate webhooks with iLangL and we’ll be glad to provide you with more details.

Multiple Encoding for Pre- & Post-Processing of Content

We’ve added Multiple Encoding to provide higher flexibility of content processing and ability to handle even the most complex encoding issues;

Encoding is a good way to ensure that content looks good on both website and the translation tool even if they use different encoding rules. Our system can process content at any level - encoding can be applied to tag values and even attributes. We support predefined encoding to optimize translation for such content formats as Json, Markdown, etc... Some time after this encoding we need apply additional processing and before this time we can’t optimize content after for example Markdown. Now it’s possible to apply any amount of encoding in the row and resolve even the most complex encoding cases.

Performance Optimization

The performance optimization was applied for Sitecore and ContentStack CMS connectors. The web call was optimized by adding intelligent web request cache and optimized web queries. Due to this optimization the Sitecore channel reload content tree significantly faster and translation import time for Contentstack reduced in couple times.

What’s Up Next?

Here is the exclusive sneak peek to our development kitchen just for you!

Check out the set of features that we’re working on for our summer release:

  1. Dashboard and Transaction Optimization - since we foresee a lot of small import/export requests due to the webhook automation, we’re going to optimize our system of reports, notifications and transactions. For your convenience, we’re going to provide you with nice and clean aggregated view/information.
  2. Plugin Report Redesign -since we’re processing huge volumes of your content into many languages, your import/export reports can be really big and slow. We’re going to add filters and group features for a more dynamic view so that you focus on what’s really important for you. We will also add other improvements to make the use of report even more convenient.
  3. Project report - you will no longer need to juggle iLangL and translation tool platforms in order to view the common job details (e.g. ordered content, current status of content by all workflows steps, etc). Now all of it will be reflected in the project report available in your channel dashboard . Auto-basket for automated export actions.
  4. Automated export action adds exported content to a certain project. As soon as any job is moved from the ‘Quotation’ step to the next one, a new project basket will be created automatically.
  5. Memsource API update - Migration  of iLangL Cloud Memsource dashboard extenstion to recent Memsource REST API 

Content Provider Update

We have released a new version of iLangL Cloud and our Content Provider has also been updated accordingly. For customers who are using Content Provider at local server, we strongly recommend updating it to enjoy access to new features and prevent any compatibility issues.

The new version of Content Provider is available here.