iLangL Cloud 2019 Summer

AEM 6.5 Connector Support 

Thanks to Adobe program we got access to the most recent AEM version and completed a new connector for AEM 6.5.

Content can be ordered directly from our Cloud. High level of connector customization ensures smooth integration into your localization flow alongside with your translation tool and customer AEM website.

We are going to add the demo channel for AEM 6.5. Please contact our support( in case you want to reuse our demo channel in your sales demos.

Webhooks Integration - Instant Continuous Localization

It’s been around 3 years since we started supporting continuous localization. We’ve made sure you can automatically and seamlessly gather new content for localization and integrate it back into the CMS. Your export and import operations can be pre-scheduled with our system checking for content updates within a certain amount of time.

But what if a client requires instant localization asking you to start translation right after new content’s ready? Well, it became possible with webhooks integration. The automation can now combine scheduled and webhook modes. Thanks to the flexibility of our platform, we can easily integrate your webhook solution into our flow by extending the web endpoints which can be used as triggers to export content for translation. This way our system will receive instant notification once your website content is changed so that we could export and deliver it to the translation tool right away. With the supported level of automation our system can not only create a translation job but also apply pre-translation and/or assign linguist. With all this in place, initiation of translation project takes no more than few seconds.

Webhook trigger has a simple web endpoint with a range of advanced settings behind it (e.g. configuration type, target languages, project templates, etc). They are stored in configuration settings, where you can also manage them.

The example of the solution is already being used by clients for the headless CMS Contentful. Very soon we are going to support seamless integration with Contentstack workflow/webhooks native features.

You can find more technical information here.

Memsource Webhooks - INSTANT Translation Delivery

Regular automation implies that the system checks Memsource jobs from time to time, and if there is anything ready for delivery, the system will start processing it automatically. However, there are cases where you want to deliver a job right after its status changed. This is when support of native Memsource webhooks comes in handy. Memsource webhook is a way to import content automatically once a job status is changed in CAT. Status change will trigger a webhook notifying our system. The system will find and import the corresponding content back to the website right away.

You can also set some specific rules or advanced settings depending on the job status that’s triggering delivery. For example, you may specify that all the jobs in “Translated” status should be automatically imported, while all those in “Proofread” status - imported and published.

You can find more technical information here.

Enhanced Content Processing

Apart from fine-tuning overall performance and content processing, we’ve also enhanced our length validation feature.

As you may know, translation tools are having hard times with length validation of multi-segments. If you need to set up a length validation for a specific property, the rule will only work for the one with a single segment.

How to resolve it?

Our current solution is trimming the content according to the predefined max length during import. Once value is delivered, our system will check its length and trim it if required, adding ellipsis (...) to show that the value was trimmed.

What’s Up Next?

Here is the exclusive sneak peek to our development kitchen just for you!

Check out the set of features that we’re working on for our summer release:
1. Multiple Encoding for content processing to ensure higher flexibility and ability to handle even the most complex encoding issues;
2. iLangL API  Gateway
Although we’re not ready to expose our internal API since it's subject to change, we can provide the additional Gateway API that can transform external API requests to our native API calls. With this tool we can, for example, integrate the native Contentstack webhooks into our automated actions. Gateway API will be also responsible for providing micro-services and boundaries that will secure our platform against potential web-attacks;
3. Dashboard and Transaction Optimization
Since we foresee a lot of small import/export requests due to the webhook automation, we’re going to optimize our system of reports, notifications and transactions. For your convenience, we’re going to provide you with nice and clean aggregated view/information.
4. Plugin Report Redesign
Since we’re processing huge volumes of your content into many languages, your import/export reports can be really big and slow. We’re going to add filters and group features for a more dynamic view so that you focus on what’s really important for you.
5. Other improvements that will optimize your work with huge amount of localizable data.

Stay tuned!

Content Provider Update

We have released a new version of iLangL Cloud and our Content Provider has also been updated accordingly. For customers who are using Content Provider at local server, we strongly recommend updating it to enjoy access to new features and prevent any compatibility issues.

The new version of Content Provider is available here.