iLangL Cloud 2020 July

User Interface Updates in Memsource Dashboard

On July 13 iLangL Team released the new and improved user interface of iLangL Cloud for Memsource users. What’s new?

More Simultaneous Actions

There’s no need to wait for the Dashboard to load if you need to request the translation at once. Just move to the “Request Translations” tab to make an order. With the new tabs, you’ll be able to switch between actions much faster. 

While the new translation request processing, you can import the content that is already translated or look for a specific transaction report in the “History” tab. 

Also, the translation request reports and import translation reports will remain open in the new tabs until you close them or refresh the page. So you won’t have to close the report to return to the Dashboard. 


ilangl memsource integration updates

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Easier Way to Find Specific Content

From now on, it’s easier to find a specific piece of translation to import and reimport. You can filter by the project, source and target languages, and filenames. The sorting option is also available. 

ilangl memsource extension UI updates


How to Import Content back to CMS

Faster Content Transferring Rounds

Reimport errors only - if for some reason a part of the translation wasn’t delivered correctly, you can reimport only those pieces of content with which errors occurred. To do that, you just need to filter the content by ‘Status’. 

user interface updates is memsource plugin

Simpler User Flow

We tried to simplify the user flow and make it more intuitive. Since now, new users will spend less time learning how to use the software. 

ilangl memsource plugin new UI

More Specific Translation Requests

As you know, you can request the translation of items “All in one job”. With the new UI changes, you can also specify the maximum number of items to be put in one job. This comes in handy when you have a large number of small items and it’s too many of them to put them in one job. So you can split these items across jobs by specifying their limit per job. 

new UI features in ilangl memsource plugin

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