iLangL Cloud 2020 November

Drupal Integration Service

Drupal Integration Service is now released! With its help, you can automate file transferring between the Drupal TMGMT module and a translation tool. There’s no need to manually load and download files anymore. You’ll be able to request translation right from Drupal and send them back by changing the status of translation to “Completed”. That’s it! Learn more at the Drupal Integration Service page.

Licensing Flow

We’ve added the option to extend the license for an active channel in iLangL Cloud. Before that, you had to wait till it expires or deactivate the channel to assign the license for the active channel. Now, you can assign licenses in advance. That way, there won’t be any interruption in the localization flow. Just make sure that the new license that you request starts on the same date that the previous one expires. To extend the license for an active channel, use the “Extend” button in the “Active Channels” Tab. 

Read more in our Knowledge Base

Contentstack connector upgrade

Sitecore Update

The new iLangL Sitecore ItemService connector is a hybrid connector that combines two Sitecore services - Web Services and ItemService Rest API. As a result, connectors can automatically exclude shared fields and add additional filter levels based on the property type. All properties are updated simultaneously which significantly improves the delivery performance. The new iLangL Sitecore Connector simplifies configuration efforts speeding up the localization configuration process a lot.