iLangL Cloud 2021 April

Contentstack Connector Performance Boost

We have released the new version of the Contentstack connector and significantly improved communication with the Contentstack Management API. Filtering entries by Contentstack workflow steps allows performance optimization. In case you have a few thousands of entries in a stack, our system will iterate only by entries that you put in the localization phase. For example, when you want to localize a few items from 20,000 entries, the export process to a CAT tool will happen almost instantly.

Sitecore Connector Improvements

All our connectors are external connectors that work as middleware and extract the content from CMS via CMS API. In some cases, it might be challenging like in case with Sitecore that is using Sitecore Identity server for authentication. We updated our Sitecore connector and now it’s compatible with the Sitecore Identity server, and since now we can apply our middleware connector to such websites.