iLangL Cloud June 2016

iLangL Cloud June 2016

Change Tracking Feature

This is by far the biggest of all features released currently. The new tracking feature offered on our system allows complete protection from ordering the same content more than once, through tracking them all the way. Our system is now capable of comparing the newly delivered content for translation to the previously exported content (the preceding one). If it senses no change it will not export the content for translation. In an otherwise case only the change content properties will be exported for translation, while the content exported earlier will not be re-exported, thus eliminating doubling of content for translation. For some this option may not carry a lot of value; however where the content is loaded with small properties such as Sitecore, Umbraco dictionaries or WPML Wordpress strings, this feature is exceptional.

Controlled Memsource Integration

Before this point, we offered Memsource plugin support to our customers and regularly introduced features that made it better regularly, however now we offer full control over it. It is now in your hands to control the source languages that you want to use to export content. Assigning of a default Memsource project template for every source language is now possible, defining the list of target languages along with the settings that now properly import translation content to Memsource and assign the right TB and TM, notifying the right suppliers about the new jobs.

It is also possible now to manage which languages can be chosen by the users to export content. The option of enabling optional project templates is available too, however through use of default template, Memsource plugin users can easily export content through the predefined templates and they would also not know about it. When you delegate export/import operations to your client while ensuring that the right workflows are being used and the process is completely transparent to customers.

Umbraco 6 Support

Since we already support a wide range of Umbraco versions, we now also support the Umbraco 6 version, which to date is popularly used by several websites. Umbraco 6 users need not hurry any more to migrate to a newer version to access more features. Streamlined content localization is now also available for Umbraco 6 version users.

Wordpress WPML

On our way to provide our customers better experience working with CMS Wordpress we are glad to introduce improved filtering functionality. Since now you are able to filter Wordpress content in our content tree by taxonomies/categories


Our Memsource Plugin channel link is accessible to customers via a highly secure link, which is firstly uncompromised and if you have doubts, we also use IP filtering. You can now also specify IP list that you want to give access to the Memsource Plugin for managing of the content import/export operations.

UI Customization

Since the size of clients’ portals with white labeled website are growing along with their ability to manage users and publish channels, the demand for more customization from our clients is higher than ever today. Earlier on we supported customization features limited to primary layout of client portal only and owing to the iFrame technology, clients were not able to customize the embedded channel views. The case today however is changed. Now we support custom CSS styles per Memsource channel. You can customize anything you want related to your Memsource Plugin view. For example

Standard View:

Customized View:

Test Environment

Our investigation revealed that most of our clients do not have their own test environment that allows them to properly configure localization process or review the results of intermediate translations before they publish it. To tackle with this problem we prepared our own test environment that can be used by our clients. We offer the service of taking a client’s website and deploy it in our test environment. Here we configure the site, test its localization process and switch its channel to production. The test website is made available to client through the link. Direct access to MySQL and the test database is also possible through the link. Our test environment can also be used to upload fresh production backup, applying of translation, reviewing changes at our test link and upload database back to the production.

Knowledge base

We constantly thrive to improve our documentation and offer better knowledge support to our customers. After our constant long struggle towards the goal, we are now proud to announce introduction of a guide, that you can find in our knowledge base, which explains the channel configuration procedures as an additional service. Through use of the guide, customers can now configure channels on their own using our best practices. We continuously work on improving our knowledge base and in case you have any question related to our procedures, feel free to contact our support team ( and all the answers to your questions will be reflected in our documentation.

Small Fixes

Besides the various features mentioned above, we also offer numerous perks in form of small improvements and fixes. These fixes enable our system, making it more robust, while helping us cover more localization cases. From the long list of fixes and improvement, some worthy of mentioning are improvement in Sitecore connector performance, remapping of links at translated content from the source content to target content, etc. you can also now exclude content from the localization flow coming from the channel settings.