Website Calibration Services

In order to deliver a unique experience to your website users and visitors, web agencies often customize templates and scripts for your CMS. What can be termed as a negative point in this action is that creation of a localization flow becomes even more complex as more settings are required to be done in order to support the custom changes introduced in the CMS. Building a channel of content to the website, in this case also requires technical knowledge additionally, in order to tackle areas such as which content to localize, how to optimize content in a manner that it appeals to the translation tool, what content should be protected or excluded altogether, etc.

To tackle and solve all complex integration cases, we offer our product ‘iLangL Cloud’ designed specifically to center all integration related problems of customers irrespective of whether you have a single language, multilingual or multi portal website. In this regard our website calibration services not only aid in speeding up the processes of content localization rather it also builds an optimal channel, linking your website and the translation tool. Our product ensures that no hurdle remains once our customers embark on the localization race.

Our website calibration services are centered towards building a connection channel that holds your website at one point and the translation tool at the other. In order to do so we optimize the integration through use of a CAT tool, while protecting all sensitive content from the process of localization. Additionally the process of setting up of content extraction based on the preferred localization needs is also offered. We also use a simulated translation to our advantage before applying actual process. This allows us to extract content from the main language and apply a simulated translation and import the text back on another language branch, checking on the way if everything is set up properly and is as required and planned before running the localization process in actual. The advantages of our website calibration services are immense, offering our customers:

  • An optimized and completely integrated channel;
  • Clean content that can be translated using CAT tool without ever encountering any system information or junk in the content to be translated;
  • Pure translation memory fostering productivity in work and precision in matching;
  • Exact statistics of content word count to be translated as calculation of mixed data often tend to highly influence the actual word count of the content.

iLangL is the definite best choice for all your website integration services. Contact us and we will take care about your website integration.

Website Localization Consulting

Often when firm start off with their website localization, they find themselves lost in terms of where to start off and where to put in their efforts in first. We offer consulting services in this regard as well through devising out a localization strategy that is efficient in offering optimal technical solution for the process.

With a vast localization experience with several integration and system projects, we now work directly with technical partners and translation agencies and our experts. This experience allows us to conceive a clear vision of all the different requirements and processes our customer’s localization procedure demands. Our experts are fluent in both localization and technical languages and offer suggestions that enhance the localization procedure in the most efficient manner avoiding all technical, and business related issues in the way.

For expert localization advice and consultation, contact iLangL now!.

Website Connector Development

Do you have customized websites or use a CMS system that does not integrate with a CAT tool? Do you feel enjoying continuous localization and derive its benefits is a dream for you? Well we have good news for you too! We can offer our website connector development services to through integrating your system with our platform, even if you have a customized website system.

The design of our platform supports easy building of connectors to your site. Our platform supports connecting of your website to a content data source that is available through Web API or DMS (Database Management Systems) connections including MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, DB2UDF,Firebird PostgresQL and more, or can be exchanged through XML files. Our integration is not build from an initial scratch point, as we enjoy the strong backing of the solid technologies that we already excel in and which offer us a positive impact on all required integration resources. We averagely require 30 days to build a connector for your website at real affordable rates. Not only will this connector enhance your localization process it will also offer additional features such as the ability to copy content from the main language to a new one in a few clicks of the mouse, ‘Find and Replace’ option that can be used across the website for specific languages, etc.

Contact iLangL for all your connector requirements today!