I cannot find the system I use on your website?

We are continuously adding in new CMS connectors to our platform. We are also in process of working with IDE connector which will aid us in being more productive with implementation of our connector facilitating more independent developers design connectors to various systems. For more details in this regard contact us now!

Does your platform support my system? Are they compatible with each other?

The highly customizable nature of our platform is capable of supporting almost all kinds of data sources. For detailed information contact us now!

What our connectors? How do they work?

Connectors we offer are basically a set of rules that command our core to integrate with an external data source, and since we do not depend on CMS technologies it does not matter whether the content is PHP, Java or .Net based. The connector template we design connects with the customer’s website through describing its CMS entity. The connector template is a DML based directives set that describe the CMS after which mapping and behavior are required by the template in order to support the import/export specific to the customer’s system.

What is the ‘Generic Content Provider’?

Generic Content Provider (GCP) is a cloud hosted/based external integration framework that can effectively replace the local routes that exist between the translation agencies and the customers. GCP can literally connect everyone with everyone. The use of DML allows it to create connector template that can offer high opportunities of integration. Also cost efficiency is another added advantage as a single platform of digital integration translates into lesser costs of adaptation. iLangL GCP manages all multilingual sources in a single place making it easy to manage multiple sources. Also managing numerous CMSs of customers become much easier as the same user interface is used for all customers’ systems.

What Are Digital Channels?

Digital channels are actually bridges between the consumers and the CMS that allow extensive customization capabilities including which content to add in the export/import flow, the settings of the content type, the processing rules of the content, setting of plugins, etc.

What Are Plugins?

Plugin simply explained is software that acts as an add-on or extension to any existing program making it capable of additional features/functions which were not found in the default installation of the program. Plugins are a source of customization in existing programs. iLangL plugins are extensions that integrate the channel from opposite to CMS offering extensive customization capabilities. For example the content added in the import/export flow, the content type settings, the content processing rules, setting of plugins, etc. are all forms of customization that have been made possible through use of plugins.

Do you support all types of content models?

Yes we offer our services to all content models including single language website (e.g. Wordpress), multilingual website such as EPiServer and WordPress WPML and Multi Portal websites such as SiteCore, DNN and Adobe CQ.