Generic Content Provider Version 1.9

New Connector: Files Connector

We still often use files to exchange content between CMS and a translation tool. This way of handeling is not an easy process and it increases management expenses. In some cases you have to deal with a batch of files which grows as fast as a source content changes at a website. Or a file format might be too complex and require additional efforts to prepare content for a translation tool. Since now, we are able to help you simplify and fully automate this process. With a new 'File Connector' you can build digital channels to content files in the same efficient way as its currently done for a website content. Forget about files shared via e-mails and manual file processing. You can use advantages of a digital channel content processing and extract content for translation from any text based file like: xml, html, txt and others. With this approach you can automatically translate sensitive files in a safe way. Here are some new useful features available now:

  • fix broken xml;
  • protect sensitive content from a localization;
  • optimize text content for a translation tool;
  • extract data for localization from complex data formats;
  • track new tags in source content.

Setup channel once and you can use it all the time for file import/export without additional efforts. When setup is done no technical knowledge is required in order to import a file of any complexity to a translation tool. File connector can work with files from a Server and FTP folders. Read More

Content Processing Engine

It often happens that a content from one system requires additional processing before importing it to another system. This might be a challenge for automation processes. With GCP "Content Processing Engine" you can successfully solve this challenge as it helps to automate import and export processes between CMS and a translation tool. Content processing engine is much more powerful now. File converter speeds up development of a content processing functionality and now we have:

  • Significantly increased processing performance;
  • Custom encoding, which can be applied to a whole text, tag content, or even tag attributes;
  • Replacement templates, which can integrate context values with a content text (for example, you can change source language code in url to a target language one);
  • PHP serialization support added and it's very important for a proper extraction of a content from Wordpress and Drupal;
  • Many other improvements, which turn content processing engine in a very powerful tool, that helps you to fully control content operations.

File Converter Extension

This new extension can be enabled for a 'Files Connector' in order to allow you quickly encode translation files to a translation tool friendly format in an easy drag&drop manner. And after translation is done - easily decode translated files back to the original format.

Chanel Utils

We deliver powerful tools to you in order to support a more productive work with a website content. Now you have a great power to manage content in a much more efficient way. You can add content in a batch and then use such operations like “find and replace text” and “copy source to target content”. You can also pseudo translate content in one click, in order to check localization settings. This functionality is supported by all our connectors and is extremely helpful if your CMS doesn't support features like this out of box.

Advanced Memsource integration

We are adding some new features to a Memsource plugin, for a better integration with this wonderful translation platform. Besides small general improvements, we now support Memsource Workflow and we’ve improved security and language mapping.

Channel Configuration

Starting from this version, GCP administrator has an option to enable access to a content channel configuration and utils from any plugin used on a channel. This means that a channel’s plugin user will be able to manage content without administrator’s help.


This new version now supports licenses for channels in an easy and intuitive way. For more information about license pricing model please contact us via e-mail: