iLangL Cloud 2019 September

Contentstack Referenced Items

The Contenstack connector has another interesting feature. If your pages have a complex content structure, and many blocks of content are used to provide flexible page views, it may be difficult to select all the items mentioned to order one page for translation. In some cases, the number of reference items can reach one hundred or more. Since then, our connector has helped to avoid manually selecting all the elements associated with the page. Simply select the page, and all related content is automatically exported to the same translation job.

In the case of continuous localization (when you already have a localized version), you should not worry about the fact that you can export extra content. Our change tracking feature will check all related items and include them in the scope only if changes are detected.

References Documents and Translation Notes

In the new version of the Memsource plugin, you can attach referenced documents and project notes. This can give your linguists more information about translation context, which can improve the quality of the translation.