iLangL Cloud Autumn 2016

Website Translation Contextualization(Beta)

We are adding one more technology to our stack which is very similar to Proxy translation but it used for translation preview of the content from translation tools without actual translation delivery to the website. Via our building proxy linguist can generate in real-time web page preview with translation. This helps contextualize website translation and reduce translation round trips. It helps to identify layout issues and recently changed content, links the context with page images and add many other useful features. It’s great for linguists and marketing proofreaders to review translation results in website context.

The translated text at previewed page highlighted and if you point mouth to translated text then tool-tip will appear with source content.

This is a beta version and we keep you posted about this great feature.

Powerful content export from Websites

Content export process for MultiTrans TMS and Memsource Cloud integrations becomes more easy and powerful. We implemented improved content selection and since this release you can aggregate selection of the content at content tree during export by multiple filters criteria like content state, word in the content, publisher, last modified time, etc... This helps to export content with different selection criteria in one export operation.

Content editing

We received a lot of requests to be able not only translate website content but also edit and proofread master content in translation tools. For some translation tools, it’s impossible because of restriction during job creation when source language can’t be equal target language. Since this release, it can be possible via our platform. Here is the workaround: we added abstract language with name ‘Editing’ to our platform and you can find it in language list. You can map them with any fake rare language from translation tool to be able to create editing job where source language, not equal target language. You can select the ‘Editing’ language like target language, export source content and edit them. When you deliver content back our system recognizes that the target language is ‘Editing’ language and delivers content to master language instead of them. Voalia! Master content edited and delivered back! Enjoy!

Security improvement

Since now `Import and Publish` option is disabled by default for new and existed channels. You need to enable it on the first page of channel settings in order to approve and use ‘import and publish’ option from channel plugins.

Advanced content memory

The tracking feature offered on our system allows complete protection from ordering the same content more than once, through tracking them all the way. Before if this option was enabled all exported content remembered automatically which was not always convenient. Sometimes our clients export content just to calculate the amount of words and need repeat this step once more to start real translation. Because content remembered automatically sometimes it's hard to repeat this step. Now we add the option: when export was done we disable automated remembering and you can only manually remember exported changes by pressing button ‘Remember content’ from export report. You are who decide now if the system must remember exported content or not. You can make this decision not only during the export process but later. Because of our system track all transaction you always can find the particular export transaction, open report finds  ‘Remember content’ button and press it to save remember the content from this transaction.  In case when you need re-export recently remembered content you have an option to find previous transaction and remember the old content ’. It`s rollback the saved content from current export and you can extract recent changes once more.

Advanced content redelivery

In some cases, client website might lose already delivered translation or client might want to move translated results from staging to production. Before to redeliver the content you have to reset all jobs statuses in translation tool from `Delivered` to completed. Since now you can open transaction import report and redeliver all content in transaction scope by clicking at single button ‘Reimport All’.