iLangL Cloud Spring 2017

MultiTrans 2017 integration

We are pleased to inform you that we have integrated with new Translation Management System (TMS) MultiTrans. Additional plugin is available since this release.  MuliTrans plugin user interface allows connect users to all supported CMSs within the MultiTrans TMS. Via the MultiTrans plugin user interface users are able to select content to be sent for translation to the MultiTrans TMS, as well as polling of the MultiTrans TMS, track current localization status and check-in to the CMS of completed translations. MultiTrans Integration plugin brings the various projects into one place, so you can view the progress of projects with ease. 

Which content could be connected to the MultiTrans plugin?

Here is a list which is constantly supplemented:

  • DNN 7.x Native MS SQL Connector for pages and html modules
  • Drupal 7.x 8.x Node Translation
  • Entity Translation (7.x) MySQL Connector for dynamic nodes
  • EpiServer 7.5 9.x Native MSSQL Connector for pages and content blocks
  • Sitecore 6.5 8.x Native Web API Connector for all sitecore items
  • Umbraco 6.5 7.x Node Translation MSSQL Connector for all dynamic nodes + Dictionary
  • Wordpress 4.x WPML MySQL Connector for dynamic content(page, post, etc...)
  • MySQL Connector for taxonomies
  • MySQL Connector for WPML Strings
  • MySQL Connector for other third Party Modules (Revision Slider)

More technical information you can find in our knowledge base.

Connecting to MS SQL contents datasource using Windows Authentication

We have become more flexible in connecting to a data source. If customer uses on the server Windows authentication (integrated security) for connection to the SQL database it's not a problem for us to connect to the database this way. This solution can be applied to DNN, EpiServer and Umbraco web site. Just install our Content Provider on the Windows server and use for integration with iLangL Local connection.

Multi-country support in Drupal 8

Sometimes is not enough to create multilingual site. The same languages are used in different countries, but language should be adapted for each individual country. For these purpose you can use Drupal multi-country functionality. We in turn can offer you a solution that will allow you easily export content according to countries without intersections, to use filters and import a specific translation for each country back.

Pricing information

Next license options available in 2017:

Quarter license: 345 euros
Half year license: 690 euros
Annual license:  1380 euros

We extend license subscription for 3 months minimum and removed discounts accordingly. The license price per month is the same and costs as usually 115 euros.