iLangL Cloud Spring 2018

Analytics Tool - New Extension!!!

iLangL Cloud functionality allows it to store all the export and import transactions between a website and translation environment, which is kind of not bad already, isn’t it? However, the only way a client could see their localization history would be transaction log. But that was then and this is now.

Our state-of-art Analytics Tool (AT) opens a new dimension of translations analysis:

  • keep track of your translations;
  • navigate content and transactions easily;
  • use AT for issue analysis.

AT becomes a game changer in the quality of iLangL services.

You can filter transactions by full text search, content ID, type, language, etc. As managers you are welcome to use AT if you have any queries or hesitations. Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be glad to steer you in the right direction.

While regular investigation is not always straightforward and usually requires extensive time and effort, AT is a magic wand for localization manager, project manager and iLangL team that:

  • cuts down the investigation and response time;
  • allows for fast and efficient issue handling;
  • improves the quality of communication between iLangL and managers;
  • expedites and deepens the search (exhaustive filters, clear layout of search results).

From now on you can forget about time-consuming analysis as well as multi-channel communication in attempt to find the root of an issue. Both localization and project manager now get a chance to work smarter, not harder!

Apart from that, Analytics Tool helps us improve the quality of service calibration. We no longer need to dig into tons of data manually in order to find the necessary pieces of puzzle. 

With AT the content analysis is seamless and takes just a few clicks and a couple of seconds. It helps our support to provide you with clear screenshots and detailed explanation of export/import operations.

More information about this feature can be found here. if you have any questions or technical suggestion please send us email to

Analytic Tool FAQ

  • How much does it cost?

Analytics Tool will be a part of standard package until 2019. No extra fee will be charged and applied to our existing customers.

  • What do I need to start using it?

You need to have an active channel to use Analytics Tool. It is not available when your channel is inactive.

  • Where do I start?

To enable Analytics Tool, go to the 'Extensions' tab, check the 'Enable' box and save your channel settings. More information can be found here.

  • When would I use Analytics Tool?

Any time you have issues or doubts regarding content and its processing: check the details of import/export, compare content versions, find content location, etc.

  • What are the benefits of Analytics Tool?

Analytics tool allows for faster and more efficient issue handling, improves the quality of communication and reduces manual work. 

  • Which connectors support Analytics Tool?

Analytics Tool is supported by all connectors. The only exception are binary files imported through File Connector since we can’t index them directly.

  • Where can I learn more about Analytics Tool?

To read our marketing material on AT, please click here. For more technical information on the tool, please click here.

Drupal Locales Connector

From now on, the updated 'Drupal Locales Connector' gives you the possibility to filter Drupal strings by first 50 chars to easily identify a string for translation.

What's Next?

In the next release we would like to focus on solutions to the following cases:

  • Client approached you with the partially translated website and wants you to review and translate all the content without paying for what has already been translated;
  • Client's marketing proofreaders want to proofread translations but you don't know how to adjust the predefined workflow and integrate proofreaders into your translation environment;
  • You delivered translation but client's proofreaders performed the onsite proofreading. Naturally, they want these changes to be reflected in the next translations and you are not sure how to do this;
  • You delivered translation and client's proofreaders sent you the huge amount of Excel files with corrections that you are supposed to apply to translations manually;
  • You want to apply translation review to the onsite content;
  • You want to apply proofreading to the onsite content;
  • You want to get detailed QA report after translation delivery to make sure that everything was properly updated.

On our side, we'll do our best to solve these cases with our technologies. Keep in touch!

We've set up a new LinkedIn group 'iLangL Community' for our users. Please join to receive timely updates about our new features.

Content Provider Update

We have released a new version of iLangL Cloud and our Content Provider has also been updated accordingly.For customers who are using Content Provider at local server, we strongly recommend updating it to enjoy access to new features and prevent any compatibility issues.
The new version of Content Provider is available here.