iLangL Cloud Summer 2016

Drupal 8 - Paragraphs support

Paragraphs are the new way of content creation! It allows you — Site Builders — to make things cleaner so that you can give more editing power to your end-users.
Since now iLangL Cloud fully automate localization of content stored by Drupal paragraphs module. In a few clicks or completely automated you can export dozen of content to Memsource Cloud and after translation easily return result back to Drupal. No manual efforts at all are required, no copy/paste or custom change tracking. With our feature ‘Change tracking’ you can identify all even small changes applied to paragraphs and automatically sync content from master to target languages through our powerful platform! Enjoy by this flexibility!

More information about paragraphs you can find here -

Improved integration of files with Memsource Cloud

Until now we could work with text based files only because every file was processed by our system. But now you can configure file processing, which allows you to work with any files supported by Memsource via powerful File Connector in the same way like you work with a website content. In a few clicks you can import folder that contains many files with different extensions in Memsource Cloud and start translation.

Related content items

Website page very often consists of many pieces of different content and when you export the page for translation to iLangL Cloud our connectors are smart enough to identify all related content items and export them together with the page. Before when we exported content with related items our system created a separate Memsource job for each related item. As a result there were a hundreds or even thousands of small jobs that were hard to maintain.
And now, with improved integration with Memsource Cloud, all related items are located in the same Memsource task for consistency. This feature is applied to all supported CMS’s with related items: Drupal, EpiServer, Sitecore.

New ways of connection to iLangL Cloud

MySQL HTTP Tunnel Connection

For the case when you want to allow Internet connection to your MySQL database but direct database access is impossible due to limitation on hosting provider side or enterprise firewall policy, we implemented a feature which allows access to a MySQL database using MySQL HTTP Tunnel through HTTP port that is open on a typical server. The only requirement to the server is PHP 5 support.

phpMyAdmin Connection

An alternative way to open indirect access to your MySQL database for iLangL Cloud is using phpMyAdmin, which is de facto tool for managing MySQL database that presents on the most servers.