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iLangL B.V. works towards offering all the primary integration services and CMS Connectors that incorporate a wide range of translation tools and CMSs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority since we believe that customer’s success is our success. Therefore, all our products and services are aimed at improving customer’s workflow and reducing localization efforts by means of technology.

iLangL Cloud infrastructure

iLangL CMS Connectors combine all the benefits of regular plugin and much more on top of that. iLangL team gathered all their localization experience to create a top-notch connector that takes into account all pros and cons of the regular integration solutions. Our connectors support all types of content models including single language, multilingual and multi-portal websites. iLangL Cloud, our state-of-the-art product, allows its users to decrease localization and translation costs making the integration process more cost-effective and streamlined.

Apart from that, we offer a variety of integration services (e.g. calibration, consulting, etc) that prove to be beneficial not only for start-ups, but experienced market players as well. All the integration gray areas are no longer your headache!

We are more than happy to assist customers of any scale, no matter if it’s a large translation agency that needs to juggle huge volumes of localization content or a small enterprise that wants to expand their target market. They will surely benefit from the best practices of CMS localization. Automated integration significantly cuts the amount of manual work and makes the whole process more flexible and less error-prone.

To find our more about our products and services, please check below.

For enterprise

Speed up the translation flow, cut costs and increase productivity. Turn on continuous localization.

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For translation agency

Be a part of future, integrate with any customer's system, bring additional value to the customer and expand your translation business.

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Supported CMS Connectors

  • Umbraco Connector
  • Drupal Connector
  • AEM Connector
  • EpiServer Connector
  • Sirecore Connector
  • Wordpress Connector
  • DNN Connector

Supported Translation Management Systems

  • Multitrans TMS Integration
  • Memsource Integration
  • MemoQ Integration