iLangL Cloud 2020 October

New Version of Contentstack Connector

iLangL Team has recently developed the new version of Contentstack Connector which aim is to boost your localization workflow and help save costs.

New Properties in Contentstack

In Contentstack, adding new sections by developers leads to changes in content structure. The new properties are detected by our current Contentstack connector. However, there is no information passed on whether the new content property should be localized or not. That’s why localization managers had to track new tags, analyze which of them should be localized, and contact us to configure them.

What’s Changed in the New Version of Contentstack Connector?

With the new Contentstack connector, developers just need to check the box in Contentstack that indicates that the new element should not be localized. If the box is unchecked, the content element will be automatically added to the translation scope.


Contentstack connector upgrade

What Are the Benefits? ?

The benefits of the new version of Contentstack connector are:

  • Simplifying localization workflow. With the new version, developers indicate if the element is localizable and localization managers don’t have to analyze the entire list of new tags and deciding which of them need configuration. The new content elements that need localization will be added automatically to the translation scope. 
  • Reducing localization costs. The configuration of each content property needed to be configured which resulted in additional fees. As the new connector configures the new content elements automatically, additional development efforts are not required. That way, the new Contentstack connector is much more cost-effective for the client.

memoQ 9.5 Upgrade

Have you heard about memoQ 9.5 release? memoQ team offers some notable new features, such as faster and safer single sign-on, better machine translation plugins, better spellcheck and more. We’ve already checked its compatibility with iLangL Cloud, and it works perfectly. If you are using our services and going to upgrade your memoQ to 9.5, do not hesitate to do it.

AEM Integration Service

Our new product - AEM Integration Service - is now released. AEM Integration Service syncs Adobe Experience Manager translation projects with memoQ projects automatically. It simplifies and speeds up the localization process a lot. When you create a project in Adobe Experience Manager, it appears in memoQ in several minutes. You won't need to download and load files manually from the systems. Read more at our AEM Integration Service page.