Sitecore Connector

Sitecore is a content hub that comprises all digital assets and content operations in one platform. We developed the Sitecore connector that is compatible with all CMS versions from 8.

Speed up the translation of your Sitecore website with an iLangL Sitecore connector. Link Sitecore to Memsource or memoQ CAT tools to automate the flow of the content between the systems. 

iLangL Sitecore connector extracts the content from the Sitecore CMS and puts it into the translation tools, such as Memsource or memoQ, through our middleware platform — Localization Hub. 

When the translation team finishes its work, we get the content back to Sitecore CMS. During the whole “journey” we keep the content safe and hide the sensitive data from linguists.  

If your translation company uses another CAT tool, other than memoQ or Memsource, we can consider building an integration with the tool. Contact the support team to find out more about the cost of such integration and the process. 

Features of iLangL connector for Sitecore 

The Sitecore connector is one of the most popular integrations in iLangL. Our team has a vast experience with this CMS. We know the possible difficulties you might face with the Sitecore localization, and we can help you to resolve most with our technology. 

Creating language versions by copying the source content page

To create a language version in Sitecore, you usually need to manually copy the fields from a master version. But the iLangL Sitecore tool for localization will automatically create a new language version by creating a copy of the source page with all the fields.   

Adding new versions without overwriting previous ones

When the translation is finished, our tool delivers it to Sitecore. The system creates a new language version keeping all previous versions untouched. You can roll back to the previous version anytime. 

Grouping content for translation regardless of its position in Sitecore

Referenced items can be placed in different places in Sitecore CMS. They can be organized as child elements in folders or in layout. To provide the linguist with context, we can extract the page with its related items regardless of their places in the CMS. 

Integration with Sitecore CMS workflows

Our translation connector supports filtering the content by the workflow stages. So when the page reaches a specific workflow stage, the system automatically creates a translation request for the page. And when the translation is delivered, we change its workflow stage in Sitecore software.  

Excluding the shared fields from translation

iLangL system does not add the shared fields by default.  We add only those fields that are marked as localizable. In close cooperation with your team, we decide what should be localized and instruct the iLangL connector for Sitecore on how to deal with your content. 

Simplifying Sitecore personalization

If you are practicing the personalization method, the iLangL tool will be a good helper. iLangL integration with Sitecore boosts the translation process by reducing the time for file exchange between the company and the translation agency. That way, you get the content in different languages faster to your customers. 

Supported versions: 8 and higher