Umbraco Connector

Umbraco is a friendly and flexible CMS that covers the needs of developers and marketeers. iLangL designed an impeccable Umbraco connector to fully automate the localization for Umbraco users.

Automate your localization flow in Umbraco using iLangL Localization Hub. Connect your CMS to Memsource and memoQ CAT tools. 

iLangL Localization Hub platform is a middleware that links Umbraco to the CAT tools, such as memoQ or Memsource Cloud. We can also build the integration with other translation environments if you request custom development. 

iLangL Umbraco integration features

iLangL system enhances Umbraco functionality by providing the integration between Umbraco Cloud or CMS and translation tools.

  • Send the content to a translation tool. It’s possible to request one page or all pages at once. You can specify the due date, the target languages, Service (set of predefined settings) and other information during the order. 
  • Deliver the translated content back to CMS. iLangL system does not rewrite existing language versions. It creates new ones instead.  
  • Manage orders before transferring content to the CAT tool. According to your requirements for integration, the content can be sent directly to the translation tool at once or you can manage the order before sending the content for translation. It’s possible to add, delete or move content items to other orders.
  • Export only the localizable content. Umbraco CMS stores content items in a JSON file that contains localizable and non-localizable fields. If you don’t want a specific field to be translated, you can mark it as non-localizable. iLangL will adapt the JSON file for the CAT tool and conceal all non-localizable data from LSP.  
  • Follow the translation progress. In iLangL Localization Hub, you can track at which step of the workflow a specific order or a piece of content is. You can also see the statistics that illustrate how many content items of an order are at a certain workflow stage due to the iLangL close integration with the translation tools.  

Customizing the connector to your Umbraco CMS

iLangL team always provides a working integration. We apply the configuration process to ensure that the connector functions with your Umbraco settings. In close collaboration with your team, we also develop specific rules to teach our tool how to treat your content. 

During the installation, we will discuss your specific localization flow and make necessary amendments to the integration according to your requirements. 

Umbraco is a flexible open-source CMS with many great features for its users, such as automations, personalization, tools for SEO, Umbraco forms, Umbraco template and others. iLangL integration with Umbraco makes it an even more powerful solution. 

If you’d like to know more about iLangL Umbraco integration, please fill in the contact form and we’ll get in touch.