iLangL Cloud 2020 August

User Interface Updates in memoQ Dashboard

On August 17 we released the upgraded user interface of iLangL Cloud for memoQ users. Check out the updates!

Perform More Actions at the Same Time

You won’t need to wait until one process finishes to start another. With the new Tab organization, you’ll be able to request translations and import the completed jobs at the same time. There are three main tabs: “Dashboard”, “Request translations” and “History”. Each translation request, import and report will be processed in the new closable tabs.


muiltiple tabs in ilangl memoq plugin

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Find a Specific Piece of Content Quickly and Easily

Need to find a certain piece of content to import or reimport? Now it’s easy! Thanks to the new filters, you can aggregate the selection by the target languages and filenames. The sorting option will make the process even quicker.

filters in ilangl memoq plugin import


How to Import Content back to CMS

Make Your Transferring Rounds Shorter

The import of some files can fail from time to time for different reasons. As you know, you can reimport files from the Import report. With the new “Status” filter, you can select only the failed files from the Import report and try to reimport them once more.

reimport errors only in ilangl memoQ plugin

Hide Outdated Projects from Dashboard

Scrolling all the way to find the project you need is daunting. Now you can remove the completed projects from the Dashboard by clicking the ‘Hide’ button near a specific project. But hold on, we are not deleting them, you’ll be able to find your hidden projects and move them back to the Dashboard from the History tab if needed.

Hidden Projects in ilangl memoQ plugin

Make More Specific Translation Requests

The “All in one job” feature has also been upgraded. Now, you can specify the maximum number of items to be put in one job. When you have a large number of small items and it’s too many of them to put in one job, this feature would be quite helpful. You can split the items across jobs by specifying their limit per job.

new UI features in ilangl memsource plugin

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Episerver Digital Experience Platform has recently changed the policy and prohibited the external connection to databases. We built a new connector that communicates with Episerver via Web API. The new Episerver connector now works smoothly and requires less configuration effort from our team. That way, the clients will be able to start their localization process faster!

Our content processing became more and more adaptive and robust. Besides fixing a few issues with complex processing we added a new feature to ignore HTML tags by tag rules. The tag rule can be applied to numerous tags by using Regex. For example, you can define that all items with the prefix ‘l10n’ can be included in the translation scope and all others excluded. Now we added the option to ignore HTML tags for such rules. This is one more step towards the adaptive configuration that simplifies content processing configuration and automatically properly processes most of the changes applied on the fly to the content data structure.