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Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
  • What is Localization Hub?

    Localization Hub is a platform designed for quick and easy content transferring between systems for localization. Localization Hub connects content management systems to translation management platforms.

  • When using connectors is cost-effective?

    From our experience and calculation, it’s cost-effective to use our platform for websites with more than 20,000 words and 3+ target languages.

  • If I purchase a connector from you, will it work for all my clients?

    Unfortunately, no. Each connector is a dedicated project. If you have several clients who use the same CMS, we still would need to install their projects separately to the Localization Hub. The thing is that we do not offer the one-fits-all solution as they are not as effective as custom solutions. Each company uses the same CMS differently. So, we adapt our system to a certain website. However, this concerns the installation fees. There’s one subscription for the entire portal.

  • Can I sell Localization Hub as part of my services if I am an LSP?

    Yes. We develop partnerships with translation companies all over the world helping them enhance their sales points when their clients need automated services. We can participate in the sales process together with you as consultants showing your client live demos and giving all the necessary information. On the platform, we also offer a white-labeling option. You can change design elements (logo, colors, etc.) to make the portal look in accordance with your brand guidelines.

  • Can you build a custom integration? Who pays for the technology?

    We can build an integration to almost any system. If this integration is used only by your company, we’ll charge 100% for the development and won’t be reselling the connector. If we would be able to resell the product to other customers, the price would be negotiable.

  • Can I see a live demo?

    Sure, contact us to schedule a demo.

  • Can I try your product before usage?

    We have a demo website where you can see our system in action. Create an account on our demo website and contact us for further guidelines and credentials. Our demo website is connected to other demo websites (Contentful, Sitecore and others), you won’t be able to connect your website to the demo system. The reason is that connecting your website is a difficult process that takes much development effort. But you’ll be able to connect your translation tool. So you can try exporting content from demo websites to your translation tool and delivering it back after translation.

  • Is it possible to make translation orders from my CMS?

    For now, it’s possible only for Contentful and Contentstack. However, we are going to gradually add extensions to other systems.

  • If I add new content to the website, can it be automatically sent for translation?

    Yes, it’s possible to set up an automated action that will automatically create translation orders with newly added content.

  • How many and which languages are supported?

    There’s no limit on our platform. All customer CMS languages will be supported.

  • What technical work is required from my team to install the Localization Hub?

    For installation, we would need your team to synchronize staging/testing and production environments so that at least 80% of the content is synchronized between the environments. The content management system should be ready for content localization, including enabling all necessary languages. We will do the rest. There are some tricky cases when we might need some actions from your team but all of them are related to the CMS settings that we can’t set up ourselves. You can learn more about the installation process on the How it works page.

  • What does the Localization Hub installation mean?

    Together with the customer, the iLangL team defines which content should be localized and applies certain settings to make sure the content is exported and imported correctly.

  • How fast do you react to CMS and translation platforms updates?

    We check the compatibility with new versions of CMSes and translation tools within a week after their releases.

  • Where are your servers located?

    We use Hetzner Data Center, our servers are located in Germany.

  • How often do you perform data backups?

    We perform daily backups of all data.

  • How long do you keep logs?

    We are able to go back historically in our system and application logs to forensically identify the causes of the possible breach in both production and corporate IT. Logs are available for the last 3 months.

  • After the product is installed, do you provide support?

    Of course. We provide support to all customers with active subscriptions.

  • How fast can you react to my support requests?

    Our business hours are from 9 A.M to 5 P.M. CET (Monday to Friday). The requests you address are prioritized based on the severity of the issues. We target to resolve the most severe problems when the system is completely down within 8 hours.

  • What is your target platform uptime?

    iLangL target platform uptime = 99.0%, calculated monthly on a 24/7 basis, excluding planned maintenance. The iLangL platform is monitored for availability, with automatic escalation/remediation in case of unavailability.

  • When do you usually perform maintenance?

    The system maintenance and system upgrades are scheduled for every Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. 

  • Why do I need to pay for product installation (configuration fee)?

    Each website is unique in structure. It’s impossible to develop a one-fits-all solution that will correctly export content for translation and deliver it back to the right place. That’s why the iLangL team provides a configuration service that teaches the system how to deal with your content. This takes much effort from our developers but once it’s done, you can be sure that your content is transferred correctly.

  • How is the configuration fee calculated?

    The configuration fee depends on the content management system, translation scope, level of customization and other factors. We can provide a rough estimation according to the translation scope (the number of words and target languages). After analyzing your staging environment, we will provide a more precise estimation. Estimation is free.

  • If I have several vendors/clients on the portal, do I need a subscription for each of them?

    No, you just need one subscription for the entire portal. You should choose the subscription plan according to the translation scope. If you as a translation agency have five clients and each of them needs to translate 100,000 words per year, you would need to get an annual Business subscription with 600,000 words. Or, you can get a Starter subscription and buy additional words without upgrading. See our Pricing to choose the subscription plan.

  • How can I upgrade my subscription plan?

    Upgrading to another subscription option is possible at any point of the current subscription. After the upgrade, you will get all features that a higher subscription option supports, except the words. The number of words will not be added, but you can purchase the additional words separately.

  • How is the upgrade fee calculated?

    To upgrade, you would need to pay 20% of the cost for the higher subscription plan for the remaining days minus 20% of the current subscription option for the remaining days.


    You purchased a Starter subscription for 3 months. After one month, you decided to upgrade to Business. The upgrade fee will be calculated the following way:

    1653/92*61*0.2–633/92*61*0.2=219.2–83.94 = 135.26€

    Upgraded subscription costs: 1653€

    The number of days in a 3-month subscription: 92

    The number of remaining days: 61

    Current subscription cost: 633€

  • How can I downgrade my subscription plan?

    Downgrading to another subscription option is possible only after the current subscription expires.

  • Can I use the remaining words after the subscription expires?

    Subscription words are words that come with your subscription plan. Additional words are those you buy when you run out of subscription words. Unlike additional words, subscription words are “eaten” when your subscription expires. However, you can use the remaining additional words after your subscription expires.

  • Can I request new content for translation after my subscription expires?

    No, you need an active subscription to export content for translation.

  • Can I deliver translated content after my subscription expires?

    Yes, but only if you have additional words.


At the moment, we offer five CMS connectors and two CAT tools integrations. Use them to quickly transfer your content for translation between the systems.
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