How it works

Shorten your time to market by automating the translation process. Use the iLangL Localization Hub to manage your translations faster.

Connect to your localization systems in one place

Since automated translation services are becoming more popular, iLangL built a platform where you can automate translations by connecting your content management system with translation tools and other apps for localization. How exactly does it work?
  • Connect your website
    to the Localization Hub
    To link your website to the Hub, get in touch with our team. We will establish a steady connection between your system and the Localization Hub and ensure that the content is exported and delivered correctly after translation.
  • Customize your
    localization workflow
    You can add any workflow steps (such as “Draft”, “In progress”, “Completed”) and transitions to each step (like “Start translation” or “Back to New”). You can also create various services with required settings and workflows. This can be “Machine translation”, “Marketing localization”, “Transcreation” or anything else.
  • Send the content for translation
    When the workflows are set up and the translation tool is connected to the Localization Hub, you can send content to the CAT tool. The translation app is attached to a specific workflow step, so when you move the order to the corresponding workflow step, the content is sent to the translation tool automatically.
  • Deliver the translated
    content to your website
    After the content is translated in the CAT tool, you will see the “Completed” status of the jobs in the order. Now, you can deliver the content to the website. Just move the order to the next workflow step and you’ll be asked if you want to deliver the completed content.
  • Publish the content
    The content is delivered to the website in drafts which you need to review and publish or ask your language service provider for edits. If you need to publish the content instantly instead of delivering it as drafts, you can apply the corresponding service settings.
Installation Process
Website configuration is required in order to properly connect the customer’s website with the client’s translation environment and comprises the following phases.
Requirement gathering
iLangL sends a list of questions to the customer. This helps iLangL to better understand the customer’s localization requirements, the size of the project and the translation scope. Customer policies must be validated against iLangL technical requirements before the project begins
For this phase, iLangL needs access to the сustomer’s test environment with recent content in order to evaluate the amount of integration effort and thereby estimate the configuration costs. During this phase, iLangL will work with the test environment in read-only mode

iLangL should also have credentials enabling it to connect to the backend of the customer’s website. iLangL will need all information necessary for connecting to the test environment, which language is the source language and which are the target languages
A dedicated test environment is required for this phase with up-to-date content for translation. iLangL will not modify the customer’s website directly — only using the iLangL connector. iLangL will not change the customer’s website settings or configuration. The customer’s website should be prepared for localization.

At the end of this phase, iLangL will provide the client with a configuration report describing website localization issues. iLangL will also deliver a pseudo-translated version of the website in one or more languages, showing how the website handles the translation
Final preparation
In this phase, the customer must address website localization issues discovered during the configuration phase and presented in the configuration report (if such issues are presented) at the customer’s end. The fix must be applied to production and the customer’s test environment. After the fix, iLangL will verify the first iteration of the fix in the test environment and either complete the final configuration step or send a new calibration report. The subsequent verification rounds may lead to extra costs
The channel, complete with the final configuration, must be deployed by iLangL in the production and the connection must be redirected from the customer’s test environment to the customer’s production environment. The plugin settings must be changed by the client to enable compatibility with its own production translation environment

Fair Pricing System

iLangL offers four subscription plans based on your localization strategy and translation scope.
Get more — spend less

Buying subscriptions for longer periods is cost-effective. Starter annual subscription costs €187/month while monthly subscription costs €234.

Have additional options

On top of your subscription, you can have additional options, such as SSO login, on-premise installation and additional words.

Order additional words

If you run out of words, you don’t have to buy a new subscription. Just order additional words. The more additional words you buy at a time — the cheaper it is.

Business plan
per month
  • 20 Users
  • Words delivered 50,000/month
  • Cloud hosting
  • CMS extensions
  • White-labeling

iLangL Benefits

iLangL Localization Hub is the cutting-edge technology aimed to automate multi-language services provided by translation teams.
  • Continuous localization
    When you receive a translation service, you want the process to be steady. At our platform, you can use automated content export and delivery and get the translation in short order
  • Custom integrations
    iLangL is already connected to many systems but we can also integrate with any app that your translation company uses to fully automate the localization
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Automation is key to saving costs and enhancing productivity. Automate the content transferring process and you will save much time and costs


We simplify the localization process for our clients. What do customers say about our services?
Jasmin Schneider
Operations Director
We have been working with iLangl for quite some time now, and I have always found their service and Drupal connector to be impeccable. I am particularly impressed by their helpdesk team who are very knowledgeable, efficient and responsive. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Robert Etches
In this extremely exciting new era of multilingual communication, a 101 new language technology options are opening up, and a modern multilingual solutions company has to decide whether to develop its own versions – to become an expert in each of these many new fields – or team up with partners with the necessary know-how.TextMinded® is convinced that, no matter how innovative and successful we are, we will never be able to develop all of these options for our clients in our own Innovation Department. Instead, we pursue a strategy of linking up with “best-of-breed” in the various fields of language technology. When it comes to connecting systems and building intelligent workflows, the decision was an easy one: iLangL is in a league of its own, both as regards its standard iLangL Cloud and in the ability to join forces with us to create unique products for TextMinded’s clients. We are proud to team up with iLangL, which is quickly becoming not only a pivotal player in our Strategic Partner Programme, but also a central part of our sales initiatives
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Samantha Brazel
Project Manager
We sourced iLangL when researching connector solutions for bulk website translations & continuous delivery. We found iLangL’s approach to be flexible, customisable and cost effective. We look forward to continuing our partnership.