Build a stable connection between your CMS and the translation tool with iLangL CMS connectors. Get the translated content faster to your website.

Transfer content
promptly with iLangL connectors

Localization of CMS content is a challenging task especially if you have a bunch of content. If you are going to do this manually, you’ll waste much time on tiresome monotonous tasks. iLangL built five connectors that can link your website to the translation systems and other tools for localization.   

Dealing with any platform 

iLangL team can develop any integration, including e-commerce, PIMs, TMSes and other systems you might need for localization. So if you or your language service provider uses a platform that we are not yet integrated with, you can send us a custom request for a connector.  

Delivering content to the correct place 

Most out-of-box connectors are not capable of delivering the texts correctly to the CMS. But iLangL can. As we treat each integration as a unique project, we add specific rules according to your requirements to our system and teach it how to deal with your content

Handling large websites localization 

iLangL is a scalable solution. It doesn’t matter how many CMS languages you have as our technology can handle this. When the content is translated, the system will create a corresponding content language version and deliver the content as a draft. If you decide to add a new CMS language, you won’t need to make additional changes to our platform. 

Providing a vetted solution

Out-of-the-box plugin integrations are easy to install but they have significant downsides. For instance, they are not adapted to your website like personalized connectors are. During the configuration process, we apply the rules that tell the system what content needs to be translated. Before going to production, we meticulously test the connector and make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Adapting content for various tools

iLangL content processing transforms the data into a standardized format and hides all redundant information from translation tools. That way, linguists will translate only pure text. This data is only hidden, it’s not removed. 

Ordering from different platforms

Our goal is to provide users with the ability to make orders not only from our platform but from their systems too. That’s why we developed CMS extensions that allow ordering translation from CMSes. So far, we have Contentful and Contentstack widgets, but we are willing to add more extensions. Placing an order from CMS is convenient when you need to translate one page into several languages while placing an order in Localization Hub is suitable when you need to translate a bunch of pages.

Exporting entire pages 

In some CMSes, pages contain numerous assets presented as child elements in the CMS tree. iLangL connector will export the entire page instead of exporting small items to provide the linguists with the context and improve their translation. 

Version tracking 

When you export content in the Localization Hub, our system retains its version. If a new version is added to the CMS, the Outdated badge appears. The badge indicates that the new changes were applied on the page and you might need to translate the page again. This feature works for those CMSes that offer versions. 

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