iLangL Cloud

iLangL Cloud 

iLangL Cloud is a cloud-based platform that connects different content management systems to translation tools. With its help, you can quickly and easily transfer the content for translation from CMS to a CAT tool and back.


We are continuously developing new integrations and we are already integrated with nine content management systems and three translation tools via Web API. What are they? 

iLangL Cloud available CMS and TMS

You can choose any combination of the integrations. For example, if your company uses two translation tools, you can connect them both to a specific CMS. Or, if you are an LSP company and have many clients with different content management systems, you can integrate them all with your translation tool building separate channels for each client. 

CMS Connectors

  • Umbraco Connector
  • Drupal Connector
  • AEM Connector
  • EpiServer Connector
  • Sirecore Connector
  • Wordpress Connector
  • DNN Connector

Translation Management Systems

  • Multitrans TMS Integration
  • Memsource Integration
  • MemoQ Integration

Key Features of iLangL Cloud

Request translations

You can see all the pages in a source language in iLangL Cloud in real time. Choose pages that need to be translated, specify project settings and send it right to a translation tool. Jobs and projects will be created automatically in your CAT tool. 

Request translation tab in iLangL Cloud
Import translation option in iLangL Cloud

Deliver the translated content back 

Once the translation is completed, you can import it back to CMS. The translated content will appear as a draft in a content management system, so the client will be able to review it. 

Track the progress

On iLangL Cloud dashboard, you can see the progress of all your translation projects. 

Dashboard in iLangL Cloud
Import Report in iLangL Cloud

Share reports

After each transaction, you will get the report that can be shared with your team and the client. You can also see old reports in the History tab. 

iLangL Cloud Benefits

Speeding up localization workflow

You’ve probably got tired of loading and downloading files from different systems. Just imagine how faster you can finish translation projects if you don’t have to spend time on that. Now, it’s possible!

Eliminating human errors

Human errors always happen when people work in different systems simultaneously. We’ve developed a platform where you can see and control both systems - a translation tool and a content management system.  

Involving fewer resources

All the content that goes through iLangL Cloud is optimized and secured. You won’t need to engage developers to extract the content in its pure form for linguists. We do that automatically. 

Installation Process

iLangL Cloud is not a plugin that you can just install into your system. We need to make sure that all content will be transferred smoothly between the CMS and TMS. That’s why we go through what we call the Configuration Process. During the Configuration Process, our team configures the content for localization and check how translation requests and deliveries work. The Configuration process includes the following steps: 

Gathering Requirements

Discussing client localization needs and desired workflow.


Analyzing content at client staging environment to provide precise integration costs.


Configuring content types for localization.

Fixing Issues

Providing a report to the client with layout issues that were found during configuration.


Testing the configuration once again after fixes applied at the client side.


Localization flow starts!


Configuration fee

A one-time fee paid for product installation. Depends on CMS, amount of content, and the complexity of content types.


The license is a fixed fee paid for maintenance and support. 

Quarter 345 EUR 
Six-month 690 EUR
Annual 1380 EUR