Contentstack Connector

Contentstack is a headless, agile CMS made with developers and business users in mind. We are continuously improving our integration with Contentstack making it more straightforward.

iLangL connector for Contentstack is designed to seamlessly transfer the content between Contentstack CMS and translation tools, such as Memsource and memoQ. Automate your localization workflow and get quickly to the market with the iLangL Contentstack connector.

iLangL technology is integrated with Contentstack CMS very closely. You can manage your translations directly from Contentstack, using the iLangL extension for Contentstack. Or, in our middleware platform — Localization Hub. Or both.

No matter what you choose, we'll safely deliver the content to the translation tool and back. 

Our thorough pre-launch testing guarantees accurate content extraction and placement. Feel confident in seamless translations, ensuring your content finds its perfect spot. Localization automation has never been so simple.

Translate right from Contentstack with the iLangL extension

When your CMS manager makes translation orders using the iLangL extension for Contentstack, they move the localizable content to our middleware platform Localization Hub, and afterward to the translation tool. 

iLangL widget for Contentstack connector, Order statuses overview window
iLangL widget for Contentstack connector, Order form window

When you finish the translation order, our connector grabs the content from the CAT tool and delivers it to Contentstack.

You can track the statuses of your localization requests in Contentstack and in Localization Hub.       

Managing all your stacks in one place

Suggesting you have a website with a prominent amount of content that you separated into several stacks. With the iLangL extension for Contentstack, you can manage all the stacks or only some of them. 

In our system, projects will present stacks, allowing you to assign separate permissions to each stack. The good news is that you can manage all your translations on one platform.  

Pulling only the localizable content with Contentstack translation connector

Contentstack elements are stored and exported in a JSON file. The JSON file includes all the elements, including localizable and non-localizable fields. 

If you put it directly into the translation tool without additional processing, the linguists won’t comprehend what precisely they ought to translate. This can significantly increase the turnaround time. But this won’t be the case with our tool.

When adding a new field in Contentstack, you can mark it as non-localizable. iLangL connector will process the JSON file during export and hide all non-localizable data from translators. That way, we improve their productivity, and you’ll get the certified translation service faster.   

Closely integrated with Contentstack workflows

No matter how difficult your workflow in Contentstack is, our CMS localization software can adapt to it. iLangL connector grabs the content at a specific workflow step defined by your team. Same with the delivery after the translation. You can specify at which Contentstack workflow steps certain actions should happen.

Handling complex content structure

If you have a complicated content structure in Contentstack, we can still handle extracting the correct content for translation. We ensure elements for translation extraction align with your requirements during the testing phase of the installation process. This can be with or without referenced items, to one or several target languages etc. 

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