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Speed up the translation of your Sitecore websites with an iLangL Sitecore localization connector. Seamlessly integrate Sitecore with such translation tools as Phrase (form. Memsource) or memoQ to automate the localization flow of the content. 

iLangL Sitecore connector allows sending the content from the Sitecore CMS into the translation tools through our middleware platform — Localization Hub. Localization Hub handles orders, localization workflow and integration with your translation team and multiple vendors.

Benefits of iLangL Sitecore Translation Connector  

The Sitecore connector is one of the most popular integrations in iLangL. Our team has a vast experience with this CMS. We understand Sitecore localization challenges and can assist you with most of them using our technology.

Make All Localization Operations in Sitecore

With iLangL Sitecore's built-in connector, there's no need to switch between multiple applications. You can easily send a single page for localization directly from the Experience Editor. Or, submit a batch order from the Content Editor.

iLangL's Sitecore translation connector order form

The connector enables you to conveniently track the localization status, and once the translations are completed, they are automatically delivered to your CMS. This seamless integration allows you to promptly review, approve, and publish the translated content without any additional steps.

iLangL's translation connector for Sitecore "All jobs" window

Request Items of All Sizes for Translation with a High Level of Granularity

At times, you might translate entire pages, or just specific sections. Our granular connector lets you choose batch, component, or field translations, adapting to your unique requirements. This adaptability streamlines your localization.

iLangL's Adding subitems to basket form

One notable benefit is the ability to group all page components into a single translation job. This allows linguists to work with the entire page context, which significantly enhances the quality of localization.

By having access to the complete context, linguists can ensure better consistency and accuracy throughout the translated content. This feature greatly contributes to achieving a higher-quality localization outcome.

Integrate with Sitecore CMS Workflows

If you have established workflows in your Sitecore platform, you may have concerns about integrating them with new tools. However, we designed our translation connector to seamlessly integrate with Sitecore workflows.

Sitecore's RSS feed

When you initiate a translation order using the iLangL tool within Sitecore, the content items can be automatically transitioned to a designated workflow step.

Same when the translated content is delivered back. This integration ensures uninterrupted communication and collaboration throughout the entire localization project, enabling you to seamlessly maintain your existing workflows.

Save Time with Pre-defined Translation Project Settings

Our connector offers the ability to define a comprehensive set of localization services tailored to your specific needs. You can easily configure essential settings such as translation instructions, target languages, workflows, translation memories, termbases, and linguists/vendors.

iLangL's extension for Sitecore Basket checkout form

By predefining these settings, you can significantly reduce the time spent on each translation order and expedite the overall localization process. After initiating the localization order, the translation can begin immediately, leading to enhanced efficiency and quicker turnaround times.

Easily Track the Localization Status

The Sitecore connector offers complete transparency by allowing you to easily monitor the progress of all ongoing localization projects. You have instant access to the status of each order, and it's also possible to track and manage the localization process using Sitecore workflows. Whether you're working in the Content Editor or Experience Editor, you can conveniently track all translation jobs for selected items.

iLangL's Sitecore connector "All jobs" page

While certain markets and languages may take priority for your company's website, it's crucial to ensure timely updates across all locales. The Sitecore connector assists in identifying outdated content on your website, enabling you to reorder translations promptly.

iLangL's translation extension "All jobs" window showing "Outdated" badge

With such visibility, you and your team gain insight into all automation processes, ensuring you never miss deadlines and minimize project risks. This visibility empowers you to promptly address any localization issues that may arise, ensuring a smooth and efficient localization workflow.

Supported versions: 9 and higher 

For more technical details, download the Sitecore connector documentation below.

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