Translation Tools Extensions

Translation tools integrations are represented as Extensions in iLangL Cloud. We are already integrated with Memsource, memoQ and SDL Multitrans. When using iLangL Cloud, you have access to all of them. So, if your company decides to change the translation management system, you won’t need to build a new connector to integrate with the other two CAT tools. 

Extensions are connected with your translation tool account. That’s why all information that needs to be exchanged between iLangL Cloud Extensions and CAT tools is updated in real-time. You can see the status of translation jobs and use the links to go to a certain project in your TMS from iLangL Cloud Dashboard. 

MemoQ Integration

iLangL Cloud supports integration with memoQ Server. You can use this extension in iLangL Cloud to easily request content for translation and deliver it back to your website.

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Memsource Integration

iLangL Cloud Memsource extension provides a connection between your CMS and the Memsource Cloud. Due to it, you can send your content for translation and publish it to your website in one place.

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Multitrans TMS Integration

With MultiTrans extension for iLangL, you can safely deliver the source content to MultiTrans Cloud-based translation tool and get the translated content back to your CMS.

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Custom Extension Development 

If you can’t find the translation tool, you are using in your localization workflow, we can offer a Custom Extension Development service. Please, contact us for details and estimations!

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