Website Calibration Services

In order to deliver unique experience to your website users, web agencies often customize their templates and scripts for your CMS. It results into a high-maintenance localization flow since custom CMS changes imply advanced settings. Building a content channel to such a website will also require additional tech knowledge and resources, since it’s important to understand which content must be localized or excluded from the translation scope and how to optimize your content for the translation tool.

iLangL Cloud was created specifically for solving such complex integration cases, no matter if your website is single language, multilingual or multi-portal. Our website calibration services will not only speed up the localization process, but also build an optimal channel linking your website with the translation tool. Our product ensures that no hurdle remains once our customers embark on the localization race.

The aim of calibration is building a connection channel with your website on one end and translation management system on the other. To optimize localization flow, we integrate with CAT Tools which ensures that sensitive content (code part, etc) is protected and remains intact after translation.

Apart from that, we also offer content extraction services taking into account customer’s localization needs. Before we initiate the actual localization process, we test the workflow using simulated translation. As we apply it to the extracted content and import text back to another language branch, we double-check if all the settings are accurate. It helps us enhance the extraction quality and avoid any unpleasant surprises once we kick off the real project.

The advantages of our website calibration services are immense. Among other benefits:

  • optimized and completely integrated channel;
  • clean content files adjusted for the CAT tool (code part is protected);
  • robust translation memory that fosters the productivity and speed of translators;
  • accurate word count that includes only actual content for translation and is free of any odd data that may impact the count.

iLangL offers a wide range of top-notch solutions designed to meet your integration needs. Contact us now and we will take care of your website.

Website Localization Consulting

Once a company decides to localize their website, chances are high that they’ll find themselves stuck and unsure of where to start. Such a confusion is quite common, and for this very reason we offer our consulting services. We’ll help you define the localization strategy that will be most efficient and technically suitable for you.

Our vast localization experience and diverse integration projects allow us to foresee and analyze the possible nuances of customer’s localization case. Our team works directly with technical experts and translation agencies who are fluent in both localization and technical languages. It helps us fine-tune the whole process and tackle possible technical or business issues in a timely manner.

Please contact iLangL to get expert advice.

Website Content Alignment

Website Connector Development

Your customized website or CMS system just can’t be integrated with a CAT tool? Continuous localization with all its benefits sounds like a pipe dream to you?

Well, we have a good news! Our custom-built connectors will help you integrate with our platform even if you have a customized website system.

Adaptability of our platform allows us to easily build a connector to your site. It will link your website to a content data source that is available through Web API or DMS (Database Management Systems) connections including by not limited to MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, DB2UDF, Firebird PostgresQL or can be exchanged through XML files.

To put it simply, we’ll connect you to the translation management system to enable direct exchange of content for translation. Thanks to our strong technological backbone, we don’t have to build each integration from scratch. To create a custom connector for your website at affordable price, we will need just 30 days on average.

Not only will this connector enhance your localization process, but also offer additional features such as ability to copy content from the main language to a new one in just a few clicks. You’ll be also able to benefit from ‘Find and Replace’ option which can be used across the website for specific languages, etc.

Contact iLangL with all your connector requirements today!